Navigating the field of design thinking can be a challenging task for ‘non-designers’. In recent years, business and organizations alike benefited from design creative and innovative focus, and from its generative process and methodological approach to disrupt. Furthermore, collaboration from all professional fields has being fundamental to set new rules in the industry. In a fast paced environment in which we live, the ‘unruly’ quality of design traces its way under uncertainty and allows ‘us’ to be comfortable with the unexpected results; and only the transdisciplinarity of design works as a catalyst for social change and innovation. As Massimo Vignelli used to say “Two or three dimensions, design is one”.


I am a Designer with 10+ years of experience developing branding, media content and user experiences in digital platforms for governments, political parties, businesses, individuals and NGO’s in the United States, Latin America and Europe. My work brings together human-centered design, ethnographic research, political analysis, systems thinking, and business development for meaningful results.

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