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Oliver Arellano is an specialist in Media, Culture and Branding with 10+ years professional experience in Design and Communication.


Design Practice ––

As a transdisciplinary designer, I have a political approach towards my creative practice. By political I refer to the recognition of design processes as exercises of power; therefore, the individuals, communities, and stakeholders involved either directly or indirectly are crucial actors in the processes. I help clients to recognize first the scales, the systems and the limits of the problem and what might be the right size of the solution and its ethical, political and aesthetic implications.

Incorporated design practices and services:

  • Branding & Identity

  • Creative Leadership

  • Design Strategy

  • Digital Product Design

  • Service Innovation

  • Systems Thinking

  • Academia & Research

Resume ––


I am a Designer and Design Strategist with 10+ years of experience developing branding, media content and user experience for governments, political parties, businesses, individuals and NGO’s in the United States, Latin America and Europe. My work brings together human-centered design, ethnographic research, political analysis, systems thinking, and business development for meaningful results.


Clients and Partnerships

Parsons School of Design
Design Research & Faculty

Government of Mexico
Communications Consultant

Design Research

Freshkills Park, NYC
Design Research

National Commission for the Development of the Indigenous Peoples
Communications Consultant

Case Studies Considerations



M.F.A. Transdisciplinary Design
Parsons School of Design
2016 – 2018

B.A. Graphic Design
Universidad de Monterrey
2002 – 2007


My Story

Communications Designer
I started my career as a graphic designer in Monterrey, Mexico working at Danilo Black as a junior designer, collaborated with a variety of clients from editorial design and art direction for renewed national newspapers, to departmental stores and branding for local governments. Raised among a new young and talented generation of mexican designers inspired by european modernist movements. I was introduced into a whole new branding ideas and standards, soon my work outstanded and I was granted a fellowship in Washington, DC. Before moving to US, I also worked as a consultant for media agencies. Where I learned to work on fast paced environments, delivering exquisite design experiences and with high effectiveness on message delivery.

Design Strategist & Consultant
In Washington, D.C. I worked as a technology consultant for governments, politicians and educational institutions in both Mexico and the United States. Developed a wide range of experience in multi-cultural marketing and research, in consumer insights and consumer understanding. I created dozens of websites and mayor online communication strategies for elections over the world, including presidential campaigns for Colombia, Brazil and Ireland to mention some.

With wide understanding on media, culture, and technology challenges, I am able to approach Innovation Strategy from an interdisciplinary background in social and cultural analysis, along with training in art and technology. 


Skills & Languages

Graphic Design

Data Visualization

UX/UI Design


A.I. & Technology Savvy




Case Studies ––

DSC01770 (1).JPG

Political Disambiguation

In search of clarity and truth to foster people and business potential.

Collaborative Prototyping

Leveraging methods of ideation and inspiring creative teams.

Visual Representation

Creating new visual languages and meaningful systems of communication.

Digital Strategy and Transformation

Human-centered design that delivers efficient experiences and value exquisite design.

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