My philosophical approach in design reflects my train of thought and methodology attire.


Political Disambiguation

Political Disambiguation is at the forefront of my branding process and design strategies. During my thesis research at Parsons, I introduced a new analytical model leveraged from anthropology methods and exhaustive analysis of social behavior, and from philosophy technologies of critic. Populist Design, a political theory for the study of ideological group formations thus the creation of identity. This analytical tool helps me create a comprehensible guidelines for what business and organizations are trouble to understand; people. The method allows me to navigate multi-cultural audiences in deep market research.


Identity & Visual Representation

As graphic designers, we have the responsibility of creating the visual world around us, from font design to iconography, from symbols to visual systems, and from digital interfaces to editorial products. The formation of visual identity goes beyond creative ways to simplify messages using semiotics and translate them into a palette of colors and a logo. I believe design must go through the scrutiny of analytical and critical thinking. As a graphic designer I recognize the political formations behind the visual products I create, what they represent and why. My aesthetics results are drawn from honesty and postmodernism values.


Digital Products and Strategy

I create digital products through evaluative and generative research practices, design thinking insights, and optimizing strong product methodologies to deliver effective and affective digital experiences that perform. With over ten years of experience in the field, I am able to lead marketing and social media strategies from an interdisciplinary background in social and cultural analysis, along with training in art and technology. 


Collaborative Prototyping

Design thinking most powerful practice is prototyping, it adds value and context to let innovation arise within any business or organization. From participatory design practices, I enjoy open space for innovative minds and voices through generative iteration of ideas and with a human-centered ideology. I can facilitate workshops to cross fertilize the design process with transdisciplinary teams. Delivering informed decisions throughout the design process and data visualization with a strong narrative.